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✦ Prescriptions Drug Coverage
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 Low Yearly Deductibles

There are a wide array of Medigap plans available on the market. Each comes with their own sets of benefits, and they can be exceptional options to add to your plan, depending on your current situation.

Not everyone needs Medigap, and there are many policies to keep in mind—Harry Martinez, our licensed Medicare broker at HD & J Senior Innovations can help you find a Medigap plan that’s best suited for your lifestyle.

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Harry offers statewide assistance. If you already have Medicare Part B—reach out today to schedule your consultation with Harry. 

 Medicare Part D

Are you tired of paying outrageous prices for your prescriptions? Medicare Part D provides exclusive coverage for a wide array of medications and other health-based products.

To obtain Medicare Part D, you must have Medicare Part A and Part B or be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. Please note that if you enroll in Part D coverage, you cannot enroll in a Medigap policy with drug coverage. Have questions? Call today to request a consultation with Harry.

➔ Medicare Part F  

When it comes to Medigap coverage, Medicare Part F offers the most comprehensive coverage. With this plan, you essentially pay nothing out-of-pocket for health-related services, including medical visits and prescription drugs. Part F pays 100 percent of your Part A and Part B deductible charges every year. Please note that this plan is unavailable to new subscribers.

If you already enrolled in a Medicare plan, get in touch with Harry today to find out how you can take advantage of this Medigap plan.

➔ Medicare Part G  

Medicare Part G offers the same coverage as Part F. Although this plan doesn’t cover Part B deductible expenses, it will cover 100 percent of your Medicare expenses once you meet your Part B deductible for the year. Call HD & J Senior Innovations to learn more about this Medigap policy.

➔ Medicare Part K & L

Parts K and L are affordable supplemental Medigap policies that help cover some outpatient expenses. Part K can cover up to 50 percent of coinsurance costs while Part L covers up to 25 percent. Call today to see which policy is best for your situation.

➔ Medicare Part M

A Plan M policy can cover Part A hospital coinsurance and hospice expenses, Part B copayments and coinsurance, skilled nursing facility care, 50 percent of your Medicare Part A deductible, and more. This plan isn’t right for everyone—call today to see if you would benefit from Part M coverage.

➔ Medicare Part N

Medicare Part N is the most cost-effective of the popular Medicare supplements. This Medigap plan covers 100 percent of your Medicare costs once you meet your Part B deductible and Part B excesses for the year. However, you are charged a small copayment every time you see a doctor or visit the emergency room.

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If you’re trying to put together the best insurance coverage possible, you need to find a Medigap plan that fits your needs. Harry Martinez with HD & J Senior Innovations can help you find the cracks in your existing plan and fill them with the supplemental policies that you need. Call today to request your first consultation.

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